Daily Archive: September 9, 2013

War Averted?

…well the civil war’s still going on, but airstrike averted maybe. Everyone seems to get a bit of what they want except the Syrian rebels who are hung out to dry…. Let’s hope this...

The Paradox of Bashing Institutions for Cultural Elitism

by New Dealer One of the stranger aspects of populism to me is the love/hate symbiotic relationship it has with allegedly elite institutions. I’ve seen this expressed in fandom/geek culture and I have seen...

Our Health Care “System”

In the past, I’ve gotten what I can only call “Fake Insurance.” Which is insurance with high deductible, minimal payouts, and the ability to cease coverage if I were to actually have cause to use the insurance I was “purchasing.” Basically, the only reason to have the insurance is to avoid a Lapse in Coverage. So, considering that I had motivation to keep coverage, and not have them cease coverage, I basically acted like I was uninsured.