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We’ve had the first funeral. We need recappers for issues 10 and 11.

Syria Musings Pt 2: Turkey — The Forgotten Ally

So President Obama made a big announcement today. I think it’s a very positive development. It’s also not what I’m going to be talking about in pt 2 of my musings. Instead I’d like...


So… what are you playing?

Syria Musings

As promised I am tackling the subject of Syria. The problem is that my thoughts are still embryonic, so this post will be more of an extended musing on the subject rather than a...

An honest question for football fans

How will it remain possible to separate enjoyment for the game from its unambiguous potential to harm its players?



A Thoroughly Unreasonable Request

In my business, I go to considerable efforts to make it as easy as possible for my clients to give me their money. This seems to be an ethic that DirecTV does not share.

Linky Friday #38

Science: [S1] We’re apparently making monkeys dumber. [S2] Our kidney shortage hits the unemployed hardest. Writing: [W1] I am quite pleased to see my friend Abel participating in the petition by LDS authors to...

On War and Declarations of War

The power to declare war was not given to Congress by accident. Nor is it some arcane ritual of a bygone era.

Probably not getting enough attention…

A couple of rather large things lately on the criminal justice front. There was of course the announcement a couple weeks ago from the AG that sought to curtail the use of mandatory minimum...

Preseason Week Four

Tim Tebow defeated the 2011 Superbowl Champions today, 28-20. Believe it.

The Most Wonderful Time of Year

Summer has never been my favorite season. It’s too hot in Kentucky and if it wasn’t for a few highlights like vegetable gardens and swimming pools, I could probably just skip the whole thing....

We Don’t Like The Market, Give Us The State

Maybe you’ve heard about LEED.  Maybe not. It’s an industry-focused sustainable/green building standard.  The standards are set by the U.S. Green Building Council, a non-profit organization.  It is not a governmental organization. It is...


So… what’s on your docket?

40 Proof or Stronger

Ethan discusses the education wars. Okay, here’s a point where my circumstances get in the way. I’ll have to give a lot of context for everybody to understand where I’m coming from. If you...