Episode III: Revenge of the Great Episodes

Eric Cunningham

Eric Cunningham is the editor-in-chief of Elections Daily. He is a lifelong resident of western North Carolina and graduated from Appalachian State University. You can follow him on Twitter at @decunningham2. @decunningham2.

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6 Responses

  1. Want to second this review and especially the appreciation of John Williams’ score. It’s one of the best of an amazing career and does about half of the emotional heavy lifting. One thing that strikes me when I compare the prequels to the sequels is Lucas’ visual sense. He doesn’t jump-cut or edit with a machine gun. He keeps your oriented and consistent. He lets you drink in the action and scenery. This is one of those films were his Kurosawa roots really shows.Report

    • Eric Cunningham in reply to Michael Siegel says:

      David Collins did an excellent job in examining the score in Star Wars Oxygen. It really is excellent, using old and new themes really well and matching the thematic tones perfectly. The faint music during the rumination scene is haunting.Report

  2. Jaybird says:

    We saw Phantom Menace the first or second week it was out. (If it wasn’t the first, it was because Maribou compromised and allowed me to beg off and let us wait until the theaters would only be 95% full instead of 100% full.)

    We saw Attack of the Clones the second or third week it was out. We got to it when we got to it. We knew we were going to see it, but we knew we could stroll over and take our time and sit in good seats.

    We didn’t see Revenge of the Sith in the first run theater. Just never made time. One of our friends found out we hadn’t seen it yet and said “BUT YOU HAVE TO!” and we sighed and agreed to go with him to The Dollar Theater and we caught it there.Report

  3. I recall being pleasantly surprised by this one; it was such an improvement over the other prequels. My only real complaint is the way the fight at the end between Obiwan and Anakin went on and on and on and on and … But even though that we knew exactly the outcome: Anakin survives badly hurt, Amidala dies, the twins are separated [1], the Jedi almost all killed, etc. it still completely held out interest.

    1. And Luke “hidden” with his step-grandfather’s family. Seriously?Report

  4. Revenge of the Sith, while I do like it, bugged me in its portrayal of Padme. I expounded upon that here: https://ordinary-times.com/2019/08/14/defenders-of-the-gold-bikini-2-the-fempire-doesnt-strike-back/Report

  5. One of my problems with Revenge of the Sith was that Anakin became Darth Vader, full stop, at the end. I wanted him to lose a hand or something, and thereby signal that we would become the (mostly) robot (cybor?) that he was in the prequels. instead, at the end, he just became Darth Vader. Too neat and packaged for me.Report

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