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Siskel and Ebert 45

The Real Lesson of Siskel and Ebert

We need Siskel and Ebert.  If I had a giant Batsignal featuring a thumbs up sign in lieu of a bat, I’d totally use it to call them back to us

Theaters December 2021 9

The Month in Movies For November 2021

I only managed to see three movies in theaters in the month of November, but I made it up with thirteen additional films on streaming or otherwise.

The Beatles: Get Back 3

The Parable of The Beatles: Get Back

Peter Jackson treats “The Beatles: Get Back” as close to unfiltered as a project that might be the most digitally filtered ever can be.

Siskel And Ebert 19

Things I Learned From Binging Siskel And Ebert

Siskel And Ebert was nothing groundbreaking, but for a kid who was limited in what movies he could watch and when, it was great to get the scoop from these guys.

red notice 16

The Maximum MacGuffin of Red Notice

It works, as long as you don’t take your movie watching any more seriously than Red Notice takes itself. Which, thankfully, it never does.

Dean Stockwell 1

Sunday Morning! Dean Stockwell in “Blue Velvet”

It’s a cameo role as memorable as Brando’s is “Apocalypse Now.” It’s also the exact point at which Lynch’s masterpiece seems closest to tipping over into genuine madness.

Seconds 10

Sunday Halloween Morning! Seconds (1966)

Seconds is an existential horror movie scarier than any B-movie slasher- they can only kill you once; this film suggests you can be killed so surely long before that physical death is only an afterthought.

Ally McBeal 13

Tenshot: Revisiting Ally McBeal

Revisiting Ally McBeal, a cast of obnoxious people that it was fun to spend time around, and looking forward to the revival, which could be absolutely awful.

Twin Peaks 0

Sunday Morning! Twin Peaks: The Return

Like many classic myths, the epic third season of Twin Peaks seems to say, if the pain of loss never really goes away, neither does love.