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Star Wars: The Clone Wars 8

Tenshot: Star Wars: The Clone Wars

The final four episodes — which rival anything this side of The Empire Strikes Back — puts an exclamation point on one thing: this is not a series about Anakin Skywalker. The real protagonist of the series is Ahsoka Tano, his padawan.


Tenshot: Tales From The Loop

Tales From The Loop is mostly an anthology of interconnected stories involving a mysterious lab that is also the major employer in a relatively small town.


Batman, Ranked

Who’s the best Batman of them all? I have decided to try to tackle the question of “Which actor is the best Batman?”


Sunday Morning! “Vagabond” by Agnès Varda

This week, I finally got up the nerve to write about Agnès Varda’s masterpiece “Vagabond,” a sort of reverse murder mystery: instead of wondering who killed the main character and why, we wonder who failed to save her and how.