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A Smallville Retrospective

Over a decade after its finale and two decades after its premiere, two fans reflect on the good, the bad, and the weird of Smallville

Streaming 4

Dude, Where’s My Streaming Show?

The curious case of shrinking streaming inventory. All I can say is…be prepared. Your favorite show on streaming may disappear. Any time.

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Avatar Has No “Hasta la Vista, Baby”

What Avatar was *NOT*, however, was particularly memorable. Which seems odd for one of the movies to have held the “highest grossing movie *EVER*” record for a while.

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The Month in Theaters September 2022

In September, I saw seven movies in theaters, as well as six other movies via other means. That’s a total of thirteen reviews.

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The Month in Theaters August 2022

I managed to get to the theaters seven times in August. On top of that, I watched ten movies elsewhere, for a total of seventeen reviews.

The Rings of Power 8

The Caterwauling of The Rings of Power

Dense things take a while to get moving, which we have to give The Rings of Power, but there are a few concerning things here.

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Sunday Morning! “Severance”

Finally, I write about a streaming series – I watched the streaming series “Severance,” a surreal depiction of four very likeable human rats in a very unstimulating corporate cage pushing buttons