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Ally McBeal 13

Tenshot: Revisiting Ally McBeal

Revisiting Ally McBeal, a cast of obnoxious people that it was fun to spend time around, and looking forward to the revival, which could be absolutely awful.

Twin Peaks 0

Sunday Morning! Twin Peaks: The Return

Like many classic myths, the epic third season of Twin Peaks seems to say, if the pain of loss never really goes away, neither does love.

Twin Peaks: Season 2 2

Sunday Morning! “Twin Peaks: Season 2”

Twin Peaks: Season 2 went darker and weirder, and then the Lynchian heart went out of it. So, just watch the first ten episodes and skip to the end.

Twin Peaks Season 1 18

Sunday Morning! Twin Peaks Season 1

30 years later, I watched Twin Peaks Season 1 for the first time and found it quite different from what I’ve heard, sadder and more profound.

batman 1

An Evening with Batman and Robin

The forgotten story about how Batman and Robin fever swept college campuses in the summer and fall of 1965.

BIONICLE: The Legend Reborn 0

Looking Back on the BIONICLE Films

I recently picked up all four BIONICLE movies and watched them for the first time in several years. Here are my thoughts on each

Wish Dragon 2

Ten Shot, In Half

So it’s a Ten Shot, but for 2 shows, so I’ll do 5 each. Both Trese and Wish Dragon are on Netflix and just came out this week.

Darth Vader 15

Darth Vader Visits HR

Darth Vader: Your powers are growing weak, old man.
HR [aggravated]: Age is a protected class as well, Lord Vader. I understand that you are under a lot of stress…