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Ordinary Sunday Brunch

Ordinary Sunday Brunch with Sunday Morning cultural links to stories about music, art, history, and food to read, share, and discuss.

Red Storm Rising 148

Red Storm Rising in My Mind

Everyone has that favorite book they have played out as a movie in their imagination. Mine is Red Storm Rising. If done properly it would be not only an epic piece of storytelling, but timely as well.


“Annihilation” Movie Review

One of the best films of the first half of the year, a sci-fi/horror mashup, is now available on streaming and disc.


On Sympathies

So I’ve seen both Black Panther and Death Wish over the space of a couple of days. I came to the conclusion that, for different reasons, it wouldn’t be possible to talk about either one of these movies without talking about politics, politics, and more politics. So this, officially, despite the category label, is *NOT* a Mindless Diversions post. (That doesn’t mean that you don’t have to follow the regular site rules in comments, though.) Also, spoilers within.


Bambi in 2018

Revisiting the original in light of the upcoming live-action adaptation



How Pixar got their groove back.


Star Wars and the Failure of the Imagination

In any extended series the creators reach a decision point. They have said what there is to say given the series’ starting point. They have to choose: Do Something Different, or More of the Same.