Monthly Archive: December 2019


A Panel Discussion Worth Discussing

Over on CNN, Jake Tapper had on Bari Wiess and Jane Coaston to discuss anti-Semitism and the reaction to the latest attacks on Jews. What say you?

A Cultural History of Anemia

I began to wonder, could that ancient diagnosis of hysteria really just be anemia mixed with a distrust of women’s sexuality?


The Best of Ordinary Times 2019

This was a strong year for Ordinary Times, with contributions from many different authors. It included strong debuts from new voices and dynamite content from our regular contributors


Attacks on Jews in New York. Again.

But regardless of which political tribe we pin this on, it’s a scary moment. Anti-semitism is never dead and never very far from us. The events of recent weeks are a stark reminder of that.

bret stephens

Bret Stephens Unites the Internet

The New York Times Columnist Bret Stephens ignited the interwebs with his latest op-ed on Ashkenazi Jews which, among other things, cites some highly questionable sourcing.

2019 In Film: A Monumental Year For Cinema

An endless supply of franchises, big box office numbers, a stellar and different kind of Oscar buzz lineup, and a breakthrough for a gamechanger in how we view film


Thursday Throughput: Exploding Betelgeuse Edition

The dimming is interesting. But it doesn’t change the overall math at all. Betelgeuse could explode tomorrow. Or it could explode a thousand centuries from now.