Monthly Archive: October 2019

Bill Clinton and Richard Nixon at Madame Toussaud's in London

Kangaroo Court

The movement to impeach President Trump is in some respects a movement for a kangaroo court. But we should support it anyway.


Killing the Joke

The most controversial comic book of all time won’t go away.


The NCAA Gives In…A Little

The most important aspect of this is that the scales, long tipped against the athletes in almost every way, have been slightly tipped back.


Godzilla, The Shōwa Era: The Reign Ends

Part three of three in a series of write-ups about the Shōwa Godzilla films. This entry covers the final six movies, which include a Mechagodzilla twofer.

National Cat Day

An Open Letter to my Cat’s Former Owner

So on this National Cat Day I would like to send a message to the people without whom I would not have the best cats in the world: whoever turned them over to the rescue society.

love languages

The Kaleidoscopic Languages of Love

This got me thinking: what are some phrases in other languages that capture kaleidoscopic meanings that do not have ready English counterparts?

Kanye West

In Which Modern Rap Remains King

Kanye got that he couldn’t have a traditional rap album and instead pressed ahead with a work that’s lyrically, harmonically, and physically coherent.

Saturday Spins: Ryan Adams

This album release is credited as a solo Ryan Adams record, however, musically it is a Ryan Adams & The Cardinals record through and through.