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POETS Day!: Walt Whitman and Baseball

Here’s something that Walt Whitman definitely wrote, but note, when he’s not singing to his electric body he’s a bit…You’ll see.

CEO 13

A CEO Named Mister

But is unconscious bias actually disrespectful?  Is it, in the words of the female — Not Mr.— CEO, indicative of gender bias?

second civil war 49

The Second Civil War

The rush to proclaim a second civil war is a symptom of ahistorical thinking common in the social media age.

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The Return of the Bedroom Police

Like the latest installment of a bad horror movie franchise, the bedroom police are back. These things must be repudiated. 

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Well-Tuned: Absolutely, Live Is Best, But

Of course there are bands and artists that I wish I could have witnessed live, but I have immersed myself into their momentous live recordings

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World Password Day 2022

The challenge is making a password that we can remember yet meets all of IT’s requirements, so lets look at a simple method.

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The Demise of the Big Tent Made Us Stupid

Social media doesn’t make us stupid. But the rise of narrow information silos most certainly has. We need to find ways to recreate the big tent.

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POETS Day! Send in the Cavafy

This guy Cavarfy was born in Alexandria and should have been, by modern standards, called an Egyptian, but he avoided that by moving at a young age to Liverpool

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Return to Normalcy?

Empathy is a binder. So is suffering. We’ve been told over two years that “We’re all in this together,” as we are told to stay apart.