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Pillbillies 31

Team Pillbillies, FTW

I was wrong. I thought I’d heard every West Virginia joke there is. But then the drug companies decided to make bank off the “pillbillies”.

Ape Out 9

Saturday Morning Gaming: Ape Out

Ape Out: The chaotic joy of breaking out and running as far as you can. Content Warning: Surprisingly graphic violence for such a minimalist art style

Tasjan 0

Saturday Spins: Tasjan! Tasjan! Tasjan!

Expanding into a more pop-rock sound, Aaron Lee Tasjan has endlessly catchy songs in the vein of Tom Petty, ELO, and The Traveling Wilburys.

Linky Friday 69

Linky Friday: Among, But Not Of Edition

Linky Friday is Ordinary Times’ end of the week tradition of bringing you stories from around the world and across the interwebs to discuss

Darth Vader 15

Darth Vader Visits HR

Darth Vader: Your powers are growing weak, old man.
HR [aggravated]: Age is a protected class as well, Lord Vader. I understand that you are under a lot of stress…