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Schubert's 5th Symphony 3

Heavenly! Schubert’s 5th Symphony

Sometimes it’s nice hearing something comfortable! Schubert’s 5th Symphony breaks no new ground. It is Mozart in drag. But works for me.

Child Porn 17

Much Ado About Nothing In Hudson, Ohio

My God, child porn being distributed in a Hudson, Ohio school! I am appalled…Thankfully, I read the article and saved myself some angst

Kingdom Come 35

Weekend Plans Post: Kingdom Come

Kingdom Come came and went and there were a bunch of bands that did their best to sound like Led Zep. Hey, it’s not like Zeppelin is putting out any new albums.

AOC 200

Listed: AOC, The Met Gala, and That Dress

As to Ms. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, she stayed on brand, she got our attention, bravo and kudos to AOC; she played us and we were sucked right in.

fatalism 34

Fatalism and Why It Sucks

Fatalism is the idea that what currently exists is what will always exist. Or, in effect, complete codswallop.

September 11 0

A Damaged Fortress: America After September 11

The walls of fortress America fell down on September 11, 2001. Maybe September 11, 2026, or 2031, will find our nation in a healthier space. I hope so.

grieving 23

Twenty Years Into the Future

Back then. I didn’t think what had happened would really change the country, or the course of my life. But, sometimes grieving takes longer than you expect it to.

Study Group 13

Weekend Plans Post: The Study Group

“I appreciate you being candid with me, Jaybird. Go talk to the Big Manager Guy…” And so now I have been put in charge of The Study Group.