Daily Archive: August 7, 2013


Sandman Bookclub: The Kindly Ones, Pts. 4 and 5

Pensacola Blues

The Escambia County Sheriff’s Department has had a bad couple of weeks. Not as bad as their marks, though. A couple weeks ago, deputies shot a man getting some cigarettes out of his car....

Finding Common Ground on a Country Road

“What do you boys have planned for tonight?” The question sounded innocent enough, but coming from a police officer at a roadblock it was definitely a bit more complicated. We had found ourselves sitting...

The Wedlease: For Those of You Who See Your Relationship as a Rental Property

Citing high divorce rates, an estate planner recommends that the legal partnership of marriage be adapted to include arrangements that do not last a lifetime, but rather a period of years specified by the couple, so that the end of a marriage “can be as simple as vacating a rental unit.” Is this a good idea?


Where to start with the sunny dance music known as ska.