Daily Archive: August 21, 2013

Small Town Populism in Song

There is perhaps no more pure expression of culture than the arts. This is true for all sorts of things like food, crafts and of course music. As a child of divorce that split...

Malice or Petty Bureaucracy?

Today is a big day for surveillance law junkies, as the Office of the Director of National Intelligence gave us a giant document dump of newly declassified documents. The documents have to do with...


We had to take a week off to catch our breath. Now I can’t wait to get back into it!

The Democrats Have a “Principled” Contingent, Too

Ever since “The One” was elected, the Democrats have seemed to represent a relatively coherent ideology. Its New Left contingent was quiescent with the express and implied promises of a decisive leftward move. And...

And Then They Came Home

Soldiers hopefully come home from war. The brand-new documentary The November War shows how that process is necessarily incomplete, shown from the warrior’s perspective and in warrior’s words, by a combat veteran turned filmmaker.

Quick question for movement conservatives

I presume that lots of movement conservatives are fine with promoting liberal democracy abroad. Then why are their enemies at home liberals and democrats?

Clinics Here, Clinics There

If the government (federal government being what I had in mind) ran its own clinics, it could dictate the rules in such a way to minimize the costs, as is happening in Montana.