Daily Archive: August 16, 2013

Extreme Party Makeovers

I always enjoy reading political analyst Sean Trende at Real Clear Politics. What makes him interesting is that he tends to go against the conventional wisdom that is flying around the politisphere. This week, he written a three part series on the future of the GOP and true to form, he goes against the grain.


“Daughter? He *DID*.” In any case, we are going to take an opportunity to take a week off to breathe.



Is it okay to shun Orson Scott Card now?

As we’ve been approaching the release of Ender’s Game a number of my co-bloggers have asked that we separate the man from his work as though there’s some sort of clear dividing line between the...

The Writers’ Room

If you like TV and have not heard about Sundance Channel’s “The Writers’ Room”, I heavily recommend it.  Jim Rash (who played the Dean on “Community”) hosts a different group of writers from a...

Theocratic Democracy

Which is more important? Religious freedom or democracy?

Linky Friday #36

Residence: [R1] Recent research suggests that housing vouchers do not disperse crime, as previously thought. One thing I find interesting is that the article mentions that these vouchers are putting a lot of recipients...