Daily Archive: August 5, 2013

The Cops killed Bambi! The Bastards!

Via Clark at Popehat. No dogs were harmed this time. Which is in and of itself an accomplishment for the police given that they raided an animal shelter. The comments are comedy gold.

The Parade of Horribles

I thought I should note how I predicted this story three days before it broke. “Parade of horribles,” indeed.

The Republican Takeover of North Carolina

Republicans may be floundering at the national level, but here in North Carolina the party is alive and well and intent on imposing its radical right agenda over considerable opposition. But can they retain their control over the state?


We complete our overview of fields by describing completeness.

Enchiladas, Blow by Blow

Follow along as Burt Likko teaches himself how to make enchiladas from scratch.