Daily Archive: August 30, 2013



A Thoroughly Unreasonable Request

In my business, I go to considerable efforts to make it as easy as possible for my clients to give me their money. This seems to be an ethic that DirecTV does not share.

Linky Friday #38

Science: [S1] We’re apparently making monkeys dumber. [S2] Our kidney shortage hits the unemployed hardest. Writing: [W1] I am quite pleased to see my friend Abel participating in the petition by LDS authors to...

On War and Declarations of War

The power to declare war was not given to Congress by accident. Nor is it some arcane ritual of a bygone era.

Probably not getting enough attention…

A couple of rather large things lately on the criminal justice front. There was of course the announcement a couple weeks ago from the AG that sought to curtail the use of mandatory minimum...

Preseason Week Four

Tim Tebow defeated the 2011 Superbowl Champions today, 28-20. Believe it.