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Babylon 5, Season 1, Episode 11. “By Any Means Necessary”. Recapped by Dman.

Confused about a Legal Nuance

Eric Holder put out a memo today in which he announced that he would no longer go for the mandatory minimums when it comes to non-violent, non-gang-related low-level drug offenses. My two questions: has...

In Praise of Leisure and the Pitfalls of Unions

Mark Linsenmayer outlines Bertrand Russell’s case in “In Praise of Idleness” for a shorter work week. Writing in the early 20th century, Russell spent most of his essay confronting the moralistic arguments against leisure....

Monday Trivia, No. 126 [Mo and Michael Cain win!]

UPDATE: The list should include, not four members, but five, the additional one being Sinaloa. Arizona, Chihuahua, New Mexico, Sinaloa, Sonora. This is a complete list, sorted alphabetically.

The Armchair CEO

Vikram Bath warns of the dangers in critiquing the past decisions of others after you already know the outcome.

Collegiate Return on Investment

Salary.com has the scoop. There aren’t any surprises, for those who pay attention to such things. It’s worth noting that the difference here actually has less to do with ROI and more to do...


Kazzy tells you what the perfect snack is.

Naming Rights

How much second-guessing should a judge get to do when it comes to a baby’s name? (Bonus: not one, but FIVE wry footnotes.)

Los robots que juegan al fútbol

Imagine for a moment that it’s 2050, and you are in the stands at Old Trafford in Manchester to watch a football match. This is not just any ol’ football match, though: on one...

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