Author: Bryan O'Nolan

Bryan O'Nolan is the the most highly paid investigative reporter at Ordinary Times. He lives in New Hampshire. He is available for effusive praise on Twitter. He can be contacted with thoughtfully couched criticism via email.
Failure 2

The Joys of Collective Failure

In fairness, not all collective failures are like the stock photos above, however.Sometimes there are systems involved that encourage collective failure.

James Madison 1

The 3/5th Compromise & James Madison’s Crystal Flute

“I’m Founding Father Ben Franklin, and I’ve got a friend named James Madison who wants you to make him a flute out of this mysterious crystal skull that he had stolen from some innocent BIPOC in Peru.”

John Paul Jones 0

The 2nd Amendment and John Paul Jones

John Paul Jones goes, “Dude, I am going to get all up in the grill of British merchant shipping in the English Channel.” He’s stoked.

Merry Christmas 0

OT Advent Calendar: Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, all! For those who celebrate, I hope today is filled with joy, health, love and peace. For those who do not, I hope today brings you blessings!

The Coventry Carol 0

OT Advent Calendar Day 24: The Coventry Carol

Another I’ve loved all my life, this and tomorrow’s song are lullabies. “The Coventry Carol” was the second of two songs included in a 16th century nativity play

The Coventry Carol 0

OT Advent Calendar Day 23: Once in Royal David’s City

“Once in Royal David’s City” is, as so many of our Christmas traditions are, a child of the 19th century. Written by Cecil Frances Alexander and published in her 1848 hymnbook Hymns for Little Children