Daily Archive: August 6, 2013


We’re back on track with our tenth installment of the Babylon 5 Viewing Club! The introductory post was here, The Soul Hunter was covered here, and Born to the Purple was covered right here....

2016: The GOP Rapture Cometh

The escalating war of words between two of the GOP’s leading 2016 contenders is a healthy sign that the Republican Party may finally be on the verge of overcoming its nihilism to build a coalition capable of governing again on a national level.

The Tyranny of Experience

Chris Christie’s exploitation of 9/11 widows and orphans is symptomatic of a larger problem in which big, dramatic, emotional experiences are given excess weight.

You Have a Duty to be Healthy?

I recommend this post by Kiwi Econoblogger Eric Crampton, discussing the issue of personal autonomy and social obligation as it applies to bans on smoking. This article does touch on Nazism, but I believe...