Daily Archive: August 1, 2013

What I did on my summer vacation.

Not actually my vacation, my job, and it’s only half over. Some thoughts percolating and I expect to be writing about climate, the age of exploration, what winds over 12 knots do to sea...

Life Is Short. Hug Your Loved Ones.

A week ago, all eyes were looking forward to our family gathering down on the Gulf Coast. Friday, I got an email from my father letting me know that he was having chest pains...

The End of Benign Ignorance

For many years, our government’s benign ignorance was a limiting factor in the growth of the carceral state. That may be ending. When it does, our law enforcement will look very different.

De-gendering the School

I was originally going to post on this in more detail, but that was before I’d had time to finish the entire piece. It turns out Rod Dreher doesn’t just think that Arcadia Unified...

Here Ladies: Have Some Cookies

In a rather bizarre and patronizing move, North Carolina governor Pat McCrory emerged from the governor’s mansion Tuesday night and personally offered a group of demonstrators from Planned Parenthood a plate of cookies.

What Online Education Shares with IKEA

I’m currently moving into a bigger apartment. The total square footage of the new location is approximately twice that of where I’m currently staying. As a result, I need (read: want) more furniture. And so my girlfriend...

Citizens on Patrol

Conceptually, it’s pretty neat to me that there are places that can so rely on volunteerism to take care of basic civic services.

DJ Kazzy

(As the others have noted, hip hop music is littered with language and themes that are not appropriate for all.  Viewer discretion is advised.) I’m going to come at this from a slightly different...


Sandman Bookclub: The Kindly Ones, Pts. 2 and 3