Daily Archive: August 8, 2013


So… what’s on your docket this weekend?

Movement Conservatism Is A Compromise

Ted Cruz provides evidence that movement conservatism is not an ideology, but rather a set of compromises between disparate GOP constituencies.

Due Process and the Disabled

When the developmentally disabled are accused of crimes, prosecutors often take advantage of their limited mental capacity to get them to waive their rights in order to secure convictions.

Free-Range Organic Visual Arts

How the rise of “Amazon Art” and CSAs for local artists extends earlier business models—and how each needs the other to succeed.

The Benefits of Air Steerage

James Atlas complains about inequality in the skies: The choice of “snacks” on some recent flights I’ve taken include blue potato chips, a cranberry-almond bar, a packet of trail mix and — a selection...

More Data on Stop-and-Frisk

A new study on stop-and-frisk indicates that the policy may increase the likelihood of future crime or deviant behavior among young people. One high school student shares his experiences at the hands of police.