Daily Archive: July 23, 2013


In Maps & Legends, by Michael Chabon, I encountered this sentence: …I suffer intensely from bouts, at times almost disabling, of a limitless, all-encompassing nostalgia, extending well back into the years before I was...

Somebody needs to make a Carlos Danger movie

Anthony Weiner gets caught up in a second scandal, this time posing online as Carlos Danger. Someone needs to get the film rights and then embellish the hell out of this story.

Tinker, Blogger, Soldier, Spy

Yes, yes, I know. When I do show up lately it’s to tamper, tinker, and otherwise destroy everything you’ve grown accustomed to with this blog. Today I decided to make another drastic change. Enough...

The Great Disposal

The big thing I learned is never ever wear sandals to a landfill.

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