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Trumwill’s Trek in Trumanverse

I meant to post about this at the outset, but time got away from me. So I have a plan for a series of posts where I am going to take a picture of every Trumanverse state I cross through. This includes Minnetaria, where I will never be more than a mile or two from the border. When it’s all done, I’ll add links to all the pictures and bump this post up, where it’ll be an index for all […]


Anybody remember MTV’s Amp? It was a mid-nineties late-night program with no VJ’s, focused on electronic music. They would “mix” or blend the videos in a fashion similar to a DJ mixing tracks. It was pretty cool. Unfortunately, there appear to be no good-quality examples of it on YouTube, so you are stuck with DJ Glyph, selecting some favorite tracks from the era. With the benefit of hindsight, we can go all-killer, no-filler. Reminisce with me if you remember these; […]


Back in the 90′s, I watched The X-Files. Every Friday Night, I knew that The X-Files was going to be on, and the only question was whether it’d be a new show or a rerun. It’s how I pretty much kept track of the week. “Is X-Files on tonight? No… it’s on the day after tomorrow. It must be Wednesday.” Well, this week at work, they had The Test From Heck and so they needed people to man the lab […]

You Know Me

Michael Drew introduces himself to the site.

Stupid Tuesday questions, Whiskey Blue edition

“Why didn’t you ask the concierge?!??!?” Picture a scene: two pleasant gentlemen stroll the sidewalks of midtown Manhattan.  Newlyweds (of a kind), they have come to the City in search of amusement and rest.  Walking now, they seek a decent place to get a bite to eat. The scene repeats itself.  It happens in the evening.  It happens at midday.  Thrice the scene repeats. Their garments vary.  The direction of their wandering varies. Constant, however, is one’s refrain.  It is […]

Targeted Compensation

A frequent topic of conversation lately here at The League is compensation for organ donors. Sally Satel, a recipient of an uncompensated donation, recently made the case for compensated donation at Slate. This post isn’t about the merits of that particular argument (so please, let’s not rehash it). Rather, it’s about this passage: Kidneys can be donated by the living. Indeed, roughly half of all donors are friends or loved ones of recipients. To induce more strangers to save a […]

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