Daily Archive: July 25, 2013


So… what are you doing this weekend?

Beyond Redemption

There’s a frequent exchange that appears in one form or another throughout Plato’s dialogues. It focuses on the question of whether it’s better to suffer or be the one inflicting the suffering. Of course,...

Fat In The Budget To Cut

Reason’s Hit and Run Blog informs me that the DEA is raiding dispensaries in Warshington.

Speak no evil

Is it really wrong for doctors to criticize each other?

Unclear on the Concept

Victor Davis Hanson, in a National Review post oddly reminiscent of the piece that got John Derbyshire fired, consisting as it does largely of cross-generational warnings to avoid black people, offers the following: Had...


Tonight, Mike recaps the Prologue to and Part One of The Kindly Ones.

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