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They asked if we ripped them. We said that we did. Eumenides? There. That’s as good as I could do on short notice. Get your copy of The Kindly Ones. It all comes down...


Here’s a new one that doesn’t spell anything. More math, less English.

People Products

A read. That post, in a nutshell, does a good job of explaining the underlying ethos that makes me reject iLife products.

Question For Chicago Peeps

It’s looking like we may be passing through Chicago with a little too much proximity to rush hour. Back home in Colosse, you can avoid the worst of it by taking a loop around the city. Is there any option in Chicago that would allow us to avoid the worst of the traffic by bypassing the city (or the city’s core)?

Linda Holmes Discovers The Joy Of Bad Science Fiction Movies

One of NPR’s pop culture reviewers got the cinematic equivalent of nachos with extra cheese sauce the other day. It’s fun and tasty even though you know it’s not good for you. The reviewer seems like she has only just discovered the joy of Bad Cinema, but now she’s hooked. In particular she seems amazed that they got “Actual Actor John Heard” to pummel a foam rubber shark with a barstool. The way that works, of course, is that the Actual […]


I fully recognize that the MLB All-Star Game is primarily an exhibition, in spite of the Commissioner’s attempt to “make it count” instead of just doing what the NBA and NHL does and just assign home-field advantage in the championship round to the team with the better record*.  And I get that the MLB All-Star Game MVP matters even less. But awarding it to Mariano Rivera for the impressive task of throwing a single shut-out inning, a feat 5 other […]

Sex and Contracts

If sex is no different than any other kind of activity, why are sexual contracts uneforceable?

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