Daily Archive: July 5, 2013


Friday Jukebox – The Decline of Culture

In a recent post, Rufus referred to Hamilton as the “epicenter for the decline of culture in Ontario“. So how about some music from Hamiltonians. And do you know who was born in Halifax...


The Pope’s Subversive Encyclical?

Over at Vox Nova, I note an interesting subtlety in the pope’s new encyclical letter, which compares faith to both light and darkness and to both seeing and not seeing.


Driving Blind: Democracy as First Resort

Because daily “Driving Blind” posts began to feel both overly taxing and to some degree redundant, I’ve decided to try combining them into one longer list of links to be posted each Friday afternoon. Also,...


Les Misérables

It’s tough for me to sit back and watch the immigration reform discussion currently taking place in this nation. Driving back from work last week to the house my immigrant wife and immigrant children...


The Once and Future Prez

This post is a pre-emptive comment rescue, of sorts. As you may (or may not) be aware, Jaybird runs a weekly bookclub over at Mindless Diversions of the seminal graphic novel series Sandman. We’ve...