Daily Archive: July 31, 2013

What Kind of Film is Neill Blomkamp’s Elysium

Mordecai Wiczyk of Media Rights Capital thinks that Elysium has an insurance policy to help boost ticket sales despite its disadvantages (including an R rating, no 3D version, etcetera). That potential upside is the relatability of the...

A Couple Items On eBooks

The problematic ones are the ones that are well-written but boring. It’s those that you realize half-way through that you only half-care what happens next.

Split Decision

Bradley Manning — convicted criminal. Whether he’s a martyr or a fool has yet to be determined.

A New Kind of Grand Bargain

Alex Pareene noticed this, too, but something I wanted to highlight is the fact that the president’s calling his new proposal — a cut to corporate tax rates in exchange for using the freed-up money...