Monthly Archive: June 2013

Thank you, random stranger

I would never have thought to call myself a stay-at-home dad. First of all, to me that implies (fairly or unfairly, accurately or not) a man who takes care of his kids rather than working outside the home.  I have a full-time job.  However, one of the many things I loved about my current job and a major selling point when I took it was how very flexible my employer was about hours and working around his employees’ family needs.  […]

Prop 8 stands?

Consider this: 1.  The Supreme Court today ruled in its opinion holding DOMA unconstitutional that the states are entitled to decide their own marriage laws.  Assume this is not a meaningless statement – a “bald, unreasoned disclaimer,” as Justice Scalia called it.  (This may be asking much of those who recall the majority opinion author’s prior work in Lawrence and Romer, rich with such disclaimers.) 2.  President Obama also acknowledged today that Americans’ views on marriage are based on “deeply […]

Equality is beautiful

Despite having lived in New York City for several years by that point, I had never attended the Pride parade.  The reasons why I hadn’t in any given year escape me now, along with all the other irrelevant details of my life.  But that year I decided to go because the Supreme Court had just handed down its decision in Lawrence vs Texas, and I figured “If not this year, when?” Plus, I was getting over the demise of one […]

Anonymous Source Says

The APs Kimberly Dozier reports that two anonymous officials and one unnamed “lawmaker” believe terrorist groups have altered how they communicate since the information contained in Edward Snowden’s leaks became public.