Daily Archive: July 10, 2013


Comment Rescue: The Question of Interchangeability

In Kazzy’s Fathers aren’t Mothers post, dauntless commenter Michael Drew notes: This is not going to be a popular comment, and I want to be clear that it is not an argument but merely something...


Revision Control and Open Government

In software development, one of the fundamental tools is revision control. It’s fundamental enough that if you’re talking to someone who writes software and you ask them what they use for revision control, you’ll...


Time to Be a Bad Liberal Again

I hate Wal-Mart.  Shopping there is uncomfortable and awkward.  One time I witnessed a family with young children walk the aisles at 3am, eating fried chicken, and dropping the bones on the ground.  The...


Fathers Aren’t Mothers

Over at the New York Times, Katrin Beinnhold writes about the experience her husband and she had when they reversed typical gender roles as parents: I did something countless men do — in the...


Sandwiches, cont.

In preparing for my recent instructional guide on sandwich making, I asked the MD crowd whether a hot dog qualified.  Responses were mixed.  Included in the conversation were whether burritos ought be classified as...

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