Daily Archive: April 30, 2010


Friday Night Jukebox

The Jukebox spins back to the late 60s this evening to highlight one of the most underrated pop-rock bands of all time:  The Association (wiki here).  They were overshadowed by some of their better...


Arizona and the failure of the Right

Arizona may be my last straw. My home state has gone off the deep end lately (and I’ve written about it extensively – here, here, here, here, and here and even proposed a Northern...


Doubts about Ed Phelps’ Cowboy Capitalism

Jay Richards at the AEI blog is doing a series of posts about Ed Phelps’ old First Things essay about the morality of capitalism. I’m broadly supportive of Phelps’ project, but I think Richards’...


I remember this gimmick

Conor Friedersdorf’s valiant attempt to convert Levin fans irresistibly recalls The Guardian’s 2004 letter writing campaign to American voters. The American reaction (short version: “Suck it, Limeys!”) –  and some pretty solid research on...


Blond on Blond

As a counterpoint to Jonathan Raban’s negative review of Red Tory, here’s Philip Blond in The American Conservative (hat tip: commenter Schofield).