Daily Archive: April 9, 2010


Who is the Intended Audience of the Nuclear Posture Review?

The Obama administration has declared publicly that the United States will not retaliate with nuclear weapons against a nation that attacks us with chemical or biological agents, provided that nation is also in compliance...


The Neoconservative Case for Porn

Boonton tells me that I have misread Bret Stephens: Matthew opens his attack on Stephens by making a red herring out of his argument. His argument is that America’s committment to freedom includes both...


Porn, again

A quick follow-up to the surprisingly popular mini-post on porn. Granted, apocalyptic predictions of pornographically-inspired sexual violence aren’t very accurate (hat tip to commenter Plinko for the second link), and I also think that...


Pornography & Liberty

After several detours of bad logic around the most unmissable facts, Bret Stephens reaches this conclusion: If America wants to tilt the balance of Muslim sentiment in its favor, it needs to stand up...

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