Daily Archive: April 8, 2010


Why porn is bad for you

Two recent articles on the downsides of pornography – including one from a wronged spouse – are worth reading.


Think of the (non-existent) children!!!

Via the Economist, The Tokyo municipal government is now considering extending their child pornography laws to protect “non-existent minors” in order to fight child porn in manga, anime, and video games, following a precedent...


Pope Benedict and the Legion of Christ

Over at True/Slant I begin to lay out what I see as an emerging narrative of Pope Benedict (both as pope and as Cardinal Ratzinger) as the reformist waging an unseen war against an...


For Paternalistic Libertarianism

Jason has already mentioned the excellent Cato Unbound discussion on libertarian paternalism, but here’s another provocative question on the subject: Why not use “nudges” to reduce government intervention?


When Parmenides met Socrates

Parmenides clearly had an influence on Plato. The assertion that we live in a world of appearances, which gives the illusion of change and difference that Parmenides thinks are impossible, makes its way into...


In Praise of Finger-Wagging

Does Tiger Woods matter? Robert Wright, who is no social conservative, has a piece at the New York Times suggesting why the Tiger Woods story matters, and why moral rebukes of Woods (like this...