Daily Archive: April 23, 2010

Pop Quiz

Faced with rapidly increasing public debt and an World Trade Organization decision that its market-distorting, third world poverty-reinforcing cotton subsidy program is illegal, and awarding Brazil the right to impose up to $800 million a year in...

Only in Europe

German city bankrolls bar for unemployed alcoholics:

“The Hierarchy of Contempt”

After watching his excellent Bloggingheads dialogue, I stumbled across the website of Canadian science fiction author Peter Watts, which also happens to include free digital copies of his novels (so far, I’ve only gotten...

South Park and censorship

I don’t have a lot to say about Comedy Central’s decision to apparently censor the 201st episode of South Park in its entirety. It is a cowardly, stupid and unnecessary move – one of...

More Pedestrianization in Midtown

Janette Sadik-Khan and her posse continue to reclaim Manhattan streets for the people who actually use them. Three cheers!