Daily Archive: April 14, 2010

More on Confederate Apologia

I should have linked this yesterday, but Transplanted Lawyer’s barrage on Confederate apologia makes a fitting companion piece to the Ta-Nehisi Coates post.  Not only fitting, but a particularly succinct disposal of virtually all...

“The Ghost of Bobby Lee”

There are few things in life I find more intellectually compelling and challenging than a considered piece by Ta-Nehisi Coates.  This is such a piece.

Coverture Chronology; Default Rules and Signaling

I’m going to be as charitable as I can be to Bryan Caplan about coverture. I think he was largely ignorant of the history of coverture when he first started writing. His choice of...

Why are we so fat?

Marc Ambinder’s article on the roots of American obesity is worth reading.

Responsibility of Education

by Mike at the Big Stick A recent conversation has led me to do some deep thinking on the issue of school integration, more commonly known as ‘busing’. Let me preface this post by...