Daily Archive: April 5, 2010


Food Politics & the Moral Effects of Spaghetti

Adam Gopnik has compared le fooding, the movement to shake up French food, to two other movements: the New Wave and Futurism. The first analogy nails the way that le fooding seeks to marry...


Butler 57, Duke 53

Butler basketball can be soporific, but every red-blooded American should be rooting for the mid-major underdog tonight. For the Duke-haters (personally, I’m agnostic): An impressively comprehensive take-down from SB Nation. For those who can’t...


Universal not Neo-Subjective Pragmatism

Freddie writes: To those who say that I am not disagreeing with Harris, I’m a bit confused: here I am, disagreeing with him. Harris claims that, despite uncertainty and a multiplicity of moral actions,...


The Price of Bibles

A few days ago, Rufus faulted the discipline of economics for failing to develop a theory of different types of wants, and for tending to press all wants into a single framework, that of...

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