Daily Archive: April 16, 2010


Plato: “The Republic” and its Censors (1)

The Republic is an exceedingly difficult text to write about. This is because it’s that rarest of books: one that everyone calls a must-read, and that they actually have read. Gallons of ink have...


Science Fiction Friday

io9 lists the best science fiction novels for fantasy fans. I’m not familiar with any of these selections, but I’ll go ahead and recommend Jack Vance’s Tales of the Dying Earth, Gene Wolfe’s Book...


Bigotry Comes Out of the Closet

In some ways, I was happy to read this little piece of anti-gay bigotry on the American Family Association’s website regarding a hypothetical appointment of an openly gay Supreme Court justice.  At least it’s...


It’s All About the Derivatives (Wait…What?)

With talk of financial regulation and fraud charges for Goldman Sachs in the air, this piece by Graham Summers via Automatic Earth gave me the spooks (scroll down the page). The intro: As we...


Crowdsourcing My Gravatar

You all know me pretty well by now. What should my Gravatar be? My favorite so far might be misunderstood as too confrontational.


Protecting the music industry from those pesky consumers

If you like music, this is really important. The architecture of online music distribution has been amazing for the consumer. With iTunes or Pandora or eMusic, the savvy listener can get just about whatever...


And Francis Scott Key Wept

This one goes out to noted Creed apologist Joe Carter: Scott Stapp brings his inimitable musical stylings to our national anthem.


A Pertinent Question

“[W]hich has been more of a problem: anti-government violence, or government violence?”  Via IOZ. [DISCLAIMER: This post not to be read as an endorsement of anti-government violence, just as a question about priorities.]


Strange Things Allegedly Believed by Others

“I see it’s ‘Dump on Libertarians Week’ again at Crooked Timber,” said the Stoic. “Indeed,” said the Cynic. “It appears to be a regular feature there.” “What is it this time?” asked the Stoic....