Daily Archive: April 6, 2010


Bookless Libraries

Allow me to disagree with those who agree that the disagreement between Jason and me, which was more an agreement, was not useful or instructive. Ahem! (Note: I can’t promise this will be interesting…)...


Which one is it?

I’m afraid I’m intruding on Daniel Larison’s beat here, but the latest from National Review really highlights the disconnect between two competing critiques of Obama’s foreign policy. First, here’s Rudy Giuliani’s unhinged take on...


New Blog Announcement

Today is the Launch Day for a new website Scott and I (Chris) are working on.  Have no fear, we are not leaving the beloved League.  The name of the site is Beams &...


Was Lincoln gay?

The Smart Set explores the ambiguous evidence behind Lincoln’s sexuality.


The Surge – it worked!

A pretty fair-minded assessment from Abu Muqawama: If you want to argue that getting involved in Iraq in the first place was a stupid decision, fine. I agree with you. But trying to argue...


The Other Tournament

Unsatisfied by First Things’ Tournament of Novels? The Morning News put on a similar tournament of books published last year. The only entrant I’ve read happens to be the winner, but Wolf Hall was...


Not too late!

My belated entry in the influential books game: Christopher Alexander, A Pattern Language – There are people for whom this book is a Bible. Alexander’s “patterns” — normative statements about how we should build...