Daily Archive: April 29, 2010


Are Drone Strike Operators “Unlawful Combatants”?

Steve Hynd provides a compelling case that, whatever one may think about the utility of drone strikes in countries where we are not officially engaged in hostilities, those CIA officers who operate the drones...


Plato, “Gorgias” & ‘epistemic closure’

In Gorgias, Plato expands on many of the themes of the Republic while posing the implicit question: Why do democracies fail? In particular, why did Athenian democracy fail? In doing so, he makes a...


(Political) Myths Doesn’t Equal Unreal

Br. Jamelle goes on the attack against radical centrism of the Thomas Friedman variety. He writes: The term “radical centrism” is absolutely incoherent. The New Oxford American Dictionary defines radical as “relating to or affecting...



If I’m not mistaken, legislation in New York that would automatically enroll people as organ donors with the option of opting-out later is an example of “libertarian paternalist” choice architecture. One of the authors...


Girls and boys and Weezer.

Last weekend I was visiting some friends in a Major American City, and we were out back of their place swapping stories, and someone brought out a guitar. Once again, I found that “El...

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