Daily Archive: April 12, 2010

Kaus for the Court!

My extreme long-shot replacement idea for John Paul Stevens is … Mickey Kaus! In one surprise move, Obama would have saved Barbara Boxer from a dark-horse primary threat and confounded all the partisans lining...

The Advance of Hungary’s Far-Right

Somewhere, Lajos Kossuth is turning over in his grave. The rise of extreme Hungarian ethno-nationalism is frighteningly documented in this Spiked article.

The last word on porn

For those interested, co-blogger Matthew Schmitz posted a link to the Witherspoon Institute pornography study discussed at length here.

It’s Called the Law of EQUAL Freedom, You Know.

The above is my contribution, in one sentence, to the extraordinarily embarrassing discussion now going on among libertarians (and those who enjoy mocking us) about how great the 1880s were. Simply put, the 1880s...