Daily Archive: April 20, 2010



Dateline: Vancouver, BC  April 20th I’m starting to think 4/20 is a conspiracy perpetrated by the McDonalds corporation. I’ve just finished my normal daily routine of cleaning the outside grounds of the downtown church...


Facts and Assertions

Mark Calabria at Cato seems a little annoyed that people like Simon Johnson are hammering Mitch McConnell for his defenses of doing nothing (Brother Scott addresses here).  He blames this primarily on: This familiar canard is...


Radical Center Review

Michael Lind with a sharp piece in The Daily Beast reflecting on his 2001 book (co-authored with Ted Halstead) The Radical Center. The Radical Center and Lind’s earlier The New American Nation are lodestars...


Why Fact-Checking Is Important

UPDATED …Even for a blogger.  This morning I linked to a story suggesting that the EPA is running a contest to celebrate the wonders of the regulatory state.  The EPA is in fact running...


A 4/20 Reminder

Considered as a whole, the War on Drugs is the single worst violation of liberty perpetrated by our government. Nothing else even comes close. The War on Drugs imprisons hundreds of thousands for no...

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