Daily Archive: April 21, 2010


I know Mark Levin, and you sir are no Mark Levin

I love debate, as all of you here know, but when someone picks on Mark Levin – the most gentlemanly scholar and scholarly gentleman I have ever known, a veritable light in a sea...


No epistemic closure here!

One response to the debate over conservatism and “epistemic closure” has been to argue that, well, conservatism is ailed by no such disease. I highlighted Jim Manzi’s excellent takedown of Mark Levin’s Liberty and...


Derivatives Regulation Update

As an update to this earlier post, Blanche Lincoln’s derivatives rules have passed out of committee.


Glee Week 1 Back Review

I have to say my Glee predictions turned out to be truer and materialize faster than I had anticipated.  They tried the failed we’re going to be popular/now we’re not slushy in the face...


“We are out of the eradication business”

Jason’s 4/20 cri de coeur is well taken, but here’s a bit of hopeful news on the drug war front from the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff: Danger Room: I’m also mystified...


Folk wisdom and the tyranny of the experts

[updated below] I’ve been thinking about birth a great deal lately. This is likely because birth in my family is just around the corner. Our second is due in July. In any case, all...


You Neanderthal!

Evidence of Stone Age inter-breeding gives new meaning to an old insult.


Plato’s Republic (3): The Soul

In The Republic, Plato attempts to translate the Sacred Order of transcendent Being into the Social Order of the Polis. In a philosophical soul, the higher reason will rule over the lower instincts by...