Daily Archive: April 1, 2010

How the World Works

It’s this. Market-friendly and market-unfriendly policies alike most emphatically included.

And now for something completely different

I realize that I have been teetering on the brink of some form of madness or obsession the last couple days, though I believe it was madness based on reasonable grounds and sound logic....

April Fools Day

This piece from Simon Johnson is hilarious.

These Are Our Allies

Tomorrow, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia intends to behead a 46-year old father of five for the “crime” of hosting a Lebanon-based fortune-telling satellite television show.   There are no words…

A Better Plan for Energy Security?

A little-reported fact:  Obama’s recent announcement of expanded off-shore drilling was made at Andrews Air Force Base before a military audience with President Obama speaking not as a civilian leader, but as commander-in-chief. That’s...

Pop Quiz

From Foreign Policy: Which country has the highest percentage of its population in a DNA database? The answer, which may surprise you, is below the fold:

____, baby, ____!

Sarah Palin: “Stall, baby, stall“. This is, of course, a variation on, “Drill, baby, drill!” That seems to be a variation of “Burn, baby, burn!” which has always struck me as strange, since the...

Secret Smut

A quirky window into consumer behavior: As e-readers boom, bibliophiles take advantage of online anonymity to purchase more trashy romance novels. Will science fiction and fantasy authors enjoy similar dividends?

Cardinal Ratzinger and Father Marcial Maciel

In this slide (9/16) on ABC’s slideshow report on the supposed mishandling of the abuse cases of Father Marcial Maciel, we are told: Before he became Pope in 2005, Pope Benedict XVI was Cardinal...

Andrew Sullivan spins and spins

In yet another misleading and emotionally driven post, Andrew Sullivan attempts to spin the decision to suspend the canonical trial of Father Lawrence Murphy into a cover-up by then Cardinal Ratzinger. This despite the...

Headline of the Day

“Democrat Rep. Hank Johnson worries loading too many people onto Guam could capsize the island.”

Political Trolls: What the GOP Hath Sowed

Scott’s post last week attacking the Republican behavior before, during and after the health care debate generated quite the lively discussion in the comments thread.  Scott and many primarily left-of-center commenters argued that the...