Monthly Archive: November 2013

And Now For Something Complete Different

And so it was that last fall, after watching Master and Commander for the 26th or 27th time, that I grabbed my Oster clippers and run it up and down my chin, leaving me with a nice set of chops myself. Then I snapped a “selfie” and posted it to twitter with the text “Eat your heart out @jamespoulos”.


No.  Nope.  Absolutely not.  I’m sorry, Faith Christian Academy of Orlando, expulsion is exactly the wrong way to respond to the harassment of a student.

Lies, Damned Lies, and Bar Applications

A few thoughts on recovering one’s reputation for good moral character from very public past misdeeds. There should both a skeptical eye cast towards those who have been dishonest in the past and room for redemption from mistakes made in the past — but when does the latter overcome the former? Is it enough to have stayed out of trouble?