Monthly Archive: December 2013


Happy New Year!

A Failure to Abide by Hanley’s Second Law

My school has never put in place individual classroom budgets.  They are attempting to do so now.  I was just informed that I have gone over budget even though I was never given a...

Ugly Duck Things

If you guessed that what’s going on here isn’t exactly about Christianity, I’m in agreement with you.

Playoff Rankings!

Here are my final NFL power rankings of the regular season, focusing just on those teams that are making the playoffs.  Because, honestly, does anyone really care where the Tampa Bay Bucs rank?


Protip: If you’re thinking about the movie “Her”, don’t try googling the movie “She”.

Linky Friday #49

Energy: [En1] The decline of oil. [En2] Smart street lights may save energy. Imagine, of course, what robocars will do. [En3] The media has focused quite a bit on the upheavel caused by the...

This Feels Like a Market Failure

Purchasing Christmas Trees in My Town December 1 – December 24: Available for $30 December 26: Available for $30 Purchasing Eggnog in My Town December 1 – December 24: Available everywhere December 26: Available...


Only 364 Shopping Days until Christmas!