Daily Archive: November 6, 2013

It’s not that kind of catamaran.

Earlier this evening I removed “filmmaker” and “writer” from my twitter bio, and as I was doing so the events related in this post came to mind.

A Risk Manager’s Take on the Richie Incognito Scandal

Is the NFL’s hazing culture legal? If not, would changing that culture be the end of the NFL, as so many are now claiming? Tod Kelly puts on his risk manager hat and looks at the Richie Incognito debacle.

Bloc the Vote

Kazzy takes a look at the pros and cons of voting blocks.

Close To Home

It likely didn’t dominate the national news because there were no victims save for the shooter himself, but a gunman recently opened fire at a large mall just a few minutes from where I...

Held in Reserve

It might be hard, but academics can be reintegrated into society!

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