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  1. Kolohe says:

    in real life on I-95, the slowest version of Pole Position ever.Report

  2. Reformed Republican says:

    Quite a list of games, since I took last week off of work.

    I am slowly making my way through Darksiders. Only slow because I usually only play when I have a couple of hours to spend on it, giving me plenty of time to finish a dungeon.

    Taking advantage of some sales and trade-ins at Gamestop, I got WWE 13 and Disgaea 4. So far, I have enjoyed both, for entirely different reasons. WWE 13 is enjoyable, because it lets you play through significant matches from the Attitude Era. However, this historical matches are usually accompanied by specific objectives that make them more difficult than a regular match.

    Disgaea 4 is all about abusing the system to make overpowered characters. I do not dig into the nuts and bolts as much as some hardcore players, but I still enjoy it.Report