Daily Archive: November 18, 2013

If I get arrested….

…it’s because of inflicting spontaneous violence on jackasses like this.

My Complicated Relationship with Catholic Education

A Catholic education meant something much different 20 years ago than it does today. The difficulty in reconciling tradition with the economic realities of modern parochial schools.

The Importance of Google Glass

We ate at a Mexican Restaurant last night. While eating, a guy in a sombrero and a Guy Fawkes mask came out and started dancing to the Tejano music. By the time I got...

Notes on a slur

Yes, Mr. Baldwin. Using those words really does make you a homophobe.

Great Moments In Corporate PR History

Just a quick tip to all of you young, budding entrepreneurs out there.  Probably best if your corporate holiday giving program doesn’t make headlines that read like this:

New York is a Hellava Town!

A brief check in from Capt. David on the catamaran Mon Tiki after completing the Montauk to New York City leg of her passage south.


You might have seen that Michael Jordan recently announced his idea of an all-time all-star basketball five, one that he thought would never lose a pickup game. It’s caused a lot of dissension, not...