Daily Archive: November 27, 2013


We’ll be recapping here next week.

And Now For Something Complete Different

And so it was that last fall, after watching Master and Commander for the 26th or 27th time, that I grabbed my Oster clippers and run it up and down my chin, leaving me with a nice set of chops myself. Then I snapped a “selfie” and posted it to twitter with the text “Eat your heart out @jamespoulos”.


No.  Nope.  Absolutely not.  I’m sorry, Faith Christian Academy of Orlando, expulsion is exactly the wrong way to respond to the harassment of a student.

California! No Bonds For You!

Part VII of my continuing intermittent series of posts publicly worrying about California lighting its money on fire with a high-speed rail construction project.

Working on Holidays is Rarely a Choice

Defending the right of employees to choose to work holidays like Thanksgiving threatens to ignore the fact that, for many, choice never factors into it.

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