Daily Archive: November 25, 2013


Our very own Fish gives his first impressions of the big expansion to X-Com: Enemy Unknown

When Plan B really isn’t

Have a substantial number of American women been buying a contraceptive worthless to them?

Living By Faith, Dwelling In Doubt: A Conversation

Kyle Cupp and Tod Kelly discuss Kyle’s new book. Along the way, Kyle waxes on his approach to faith and doubt, along with his daughter, the Pope, abortion, Paul Ricoeur, Job, and Firefly.

Monday Trivia #141 [Mark Thompson Wins!]

These are the largest 100 cities, in a particular order: Washington (DC), Newark, Baltimore, Chicago, Philadelphia, New York, New Orleans, St. Louis, Birmingham, Cleveland, Memphis, Jersey City, Cincinnati, Boston, Norfolk, Baton Rouge, Detroit, Milwaukee,...