Daily Archive: July 14, 2010


@My Real Job

This month’s Cato Unbound asks: Given human evolution, what can we say about politics? Larry Arnhart argues for classical liberalism. PZ Myers argues for apolitical science. More to come from Lionel Tiger and Herbert...


Hayek and Obamacare: Some Context

My colleague Will Wilkinson deflects the claim that because Friedrich Hayek supported some form of a state-run health insurance system, Obamacare should be just fine even to market purists: Obamacare builds upon and consolidates...


Seduction as an Ascetic Discipline

The delightfully impious Roissy in DC is going after blogging superstar Megan McCardle, who evidently isn’t impressed by the so-called “seduction community.”  As usual, Roissy has some brilliant insights — for example: Ultimately, women...


History, Confucius, Hegel, and Bettie Page

In a recent post, Jason poses good questions about Confucius and how we view history more generally. As for Confucius’s idealization of the Duke of Zhou, the little I know about Chinese history suggests...


Plato: Sophist- (Maybe) Solving the Problem of Being

Sophists have gotten a bad rap, largely due to Plato. Dedicated to teaching arête or excellence to young men, their emphasis on rhetoric and persuasion might not have really been indifferent to truth or...

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