Daily Archive: July 21, 2010


Moral Agency, Not an Agency of Morals

“Born into a world of enemies, surrounded by violent racial hate, with no obvious means of protection, Lupescu did what she had to do: she auctioned off her body – the only thing she...


In Defense of Casting Stones at Mel Gibson

E.D., I have a great amount of respect for your frequent calls for us to rise above passing judgment over other people, and to keep in mind the inner turmoil that Mel Gibson is...


In defense of Mel Gibson

Perhaps this stems from my admiration of Mel Gibson the filmmaker or perhaps it is simply because I hate to see a piling-on when someone is so obviously in such a dire straits, but...


Top Secret America

The Washington Post series “Top Secret America” doesn’t contain many stunning new revelations, at least not yet. What’s stunning is how it collects so many things that were perhaps already known but not yet...


Picture. 1000 Words.

I know this is low-hanging fruit, but still…amusing.  And poignant.  Via Popehat.



I would just like to fully associate myself with Tim Lee’s latest post on liberaltarianism.


Inception Nano-Review

After you get past the heavy-handed plot exposition by characters, the cutesy classical allusions and maybe-nothing-is-real philosophizing, I think the movie is actually meant to be a paean to Le Corbusier. The final, skyscraper-filled...


The Grand Ideology of Charles Hill: Episode 1

The cult of Charles Hill, of which I was not a member, was just beginning when I graduated from college 10 years ago.  Hill, a former foreign service officer, began teaching at Yale in...