Daily Archive: July 12, 2010


State Politics Aren’t National Politics

The whole discussion over Erik’s post on Chris Christie the other day – beginning with the post itself, but also including the push-back against the post as well – seemed a bit tone-deaf to me as a...


Why I Can’t Support Hate Speech Laws

Because this is what passes for hate speech. Pathetic. And if we gays and lesbians can’t overcome such arguments without the use of force, then we deserve to lose the battle of ideas. Update:...


A New Class War?

Ross Douthat’s column this morning calling for a small-government class war against the wealthy is provocative and well-worth the read, even if it is a bit too lenient towards Republican politicians.  His underlying point...


Why I Hate Politics

Read this article.  No matter what one’s position on immigration or the Arizona law, it should be remarkable for one thing, and one thing only – there is virtually no discussion of whether the...

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