Daily Archive: July 27, 2010


Interesting Standards…

So, let me get this straight… Activist accuses ideological opponents of racism on basis of highly misleading video clip taken completely out of context.  NOT RACE-BAITING. Target of racism accusation based on highly misleading...


Empire of Illusion Ch. 3: Slouching Towards the Ivies

At this point in the book, it’s becoming more evident to me that Chris Hedges is a cultural conservative of a fairly traditionalist bent. Some readers might overlook this because he’s a progressive, but...


Euripides, “Andromache” and Bitter Victory

It’s striking that in recent years America has become familiar with a major theme in Euripides: namely, the war that starts after victory is declared. I proposed this as the climate in which Hecuba...


Sam Smith’s Progressive Populists

Serves me right… go on vacation, miss a bunch of fun realignment posts.  Anyway, I’m still sorting though and catching up, but I do hope to have some more complete thoughts on the subject...


A Few Things to Add to Jason’s List

Just to add some more items to Jason’s list of “managed ignorance” in the realm of conservative media: The “Mosque at Ground Zero,” which is neither at Ground Zero nor even really a “mosque,”...


Bleg/Open Thread

I got nuthin’ right now – any suggestions on something you’d all like me to write about?


The Twitter

Now you can follow me on Twitter. I plan to use Twitter only to consolidate a list of links for content already published elsewhere (here, the Washington Examiner, Cato@Liberty, etc).


Managed Ignorance

Out in real America, I strongly suspect that there’s a class of people that never got the whole story about Shirley Sherrod. They heard that she was a racist against white people and that...


The Shallow Drafts of Charles Hill

In my first post in this series, I claimed that Charles Hill, Yale’s “Diplomat in Residence,” had won “uncritical, almost fulsome praise.” You can strike the “almost.”  According to Edward Luttwak’s review, Hill’s book...